• 40% Lighter
  • Lasts more than twice as long
  • Works well at below freezing temperatures
  • Stores for ten years, last year to use is marked on the battery case

This battery replaces all "AA" size batteries, as the manufacturer states (the case says PHOTO on it because that was the original market for the battery) Comes in 2-pack and 4-packs.

Backpackers often use AA batteries for flashlights, and also for GPS units and portable radios. The advantage of 40% weight reduction, more than twice the life, working well at below freezing temperatures and having the useful-life date marked on the battery has to cost more
but we consider it worth the cost of about $3.00 per battery.

The cheapest AA battery uses carbon zinc chemistry and has the shortest life, among other disadvantages. A little higher cost AA battery is the alkaline battery with somewhat better life. The 40% lighter lithium battery is the best but most expensive AA cell. It is made only by Eveready, and besides lower weight has all of the advantages listed above compared to the cheaper batteries.

There have been a number of small lithium batteries around for the last few years, made by a number of manufacturers. These batteries have unique shapes and a higher voltage output, around three volts, as compared to the normal AA battery which provides 1.5 volts and is the standard AA size. Apparently Eveready is the only company that did the research and development to change the cathode from manganese dioxide to iron sulfide. This dropped the voltage to 1.5 volts but maintained all the other advantages of lithium, in an AA configuration. This provides a battery that replaces all "AA" size batteries, as the manufacturer states.

HEI does not carry these batteries at the current time because we would have to add shipping to their cost and our customers are more likely to purchase them locally . You should look for them in photo stores. Also ask your local super-markets, hardware and discount stores that carry batteries to carry these as well. The Eveready battery model number is L91 and comes in 2-pack and 4-pack packages.

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