The Equalizer® is a light weight attachment that fits under backpacking stoves to allow the stove to easily be set level on uneven surfaces. It allows the stove to be placed on a large rock of most any shape so that cooking can be done at a more convenient height. On near level ground the Equalizer® raises the stove for more convenient use without having to remove undergrowth, dirt or rocks, which helps to leave no trace.

The Equalizer® also helps stabilize the stove, allowing pans to be easily slid on and off the stove and contents like thick pasta dishes can be easily stirred without mishap. It also provides a convenient place to rest spatulas, spoons and pot grippers where they are handy but up out of the way and can always be found.

For stoves with a hose-attached-fuel-bottle such as the MSR Whisperlite, the Bottle Model Equalizer® includes a platform for the fuel bottle so that its fuel control and pump are conveniently accessible and the fuel bottle is held away from the stove, per the stove instructions (see

When it is time to pack up, the Equalizer® folds up to the size of two tent pegs to slide in the corner of the pack or in a pocket where the fuel bottle goes. The Equalizer® has been designed to be light weight, the Lite Model weighing only 5.6 ounces and the Bottle Model weighing only 7.4 ounces.

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When it is time to set up the stove, the Equalizer® is removed from the pack, unfolded and the stove is placed in the Equalizer®. The Equalizer® has adjustable arms which allow many different stoves to be locked in place in the Equalizer® body. The Equalizer® arms are moved in to grasp the stove and are locked with a nylon thumb screw to secure each type stove.

The back of the Equalizer® stove combination is placed on the highest point of the place of use, and the two sliding front legs are used to level the stove. This works on large irregular rocks, steep inclines, logs as well as more level ground. If the stove is to be used on near level ground, a third fixed leg is inserted in the rear of the Equalizer® to raise the stove for convenience and to place it above any growth. In this case the two front legs still allow the stove to be leveled for any slope or surface difference.

Two nylon wing nuts hold the front sliding legs in place and thus hold the stove level. For the Bottle Model an additional nylon thumb screw is tightened onto a leg that levels the fuel bottle support.

The act of unfolding the Equalizer® and mounting the stove, and the act of dismounting the stove and folding the Equalizer® , each take about a minute. All parts are captive to the Equalizer® for both models (except for the fixed rear leg which is removable and stored in the body when not needed).

When it is time to pack up, the Equalizer® thumb screw is loosened, the Equalizer® body opened and the stove removed. The Equalizer® is then folded up to about the size of two tent pegs, both models folding to the same size. The Equalizer® can be stored in the supplied zip-bag to allow it to slide in and out of the pack easily. This operation takes about a minute.

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The Equalizer® body is constructed of anodized aluminum with nylon hardware. Two adjustable length sliding legs are made of extruded aluminum, providing great strength. Any weight that any stove can handle, the Equalizer and stove together can also handle, and do so in a more stable way. The Bottle Model also has a third sliding extruded aluminum leg on an anodized aluminum piece connected with two wire arms to the main body.

For optional use on nearly level ground a separate fixed leg of anodizedaluminum is supplied to raise the stove on three legs. This leg fits under the body rear nylon thumb screw used also to lock the stove in place. This leg can be inserted to provide two different heights to the rear of the Equalizer. The two sliding front legs complete the leveling. This supplied optional leg is stored in the body when not in use.

The aluminum and nylon hardware are non-rusting. Anodized aluminum is used to eliminate the slight aluminum oxide staining sometimes found with untreated aluminum. When the sliding legs and the adjustable body are locked, the Equalizer® is very strong, standing up to any use you need to put your stove to. A pot with over 20 pounds of liquid is not a problem for the

Equalizer® . The Equalizer® is a strong, light weight, non-rusting, foldable addition to your stove that can make your backpacking and camp cooking experience a level above the common.

This site also offers information on backpacking techniques and will offer innovative products from others. We hope you will always enjoy your backpacking experiences and perhaps find the products and information described here an aid to your increased enjoyment of the backcountry.


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