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About PRI

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PRI is a national and global leader in materials testing and performance. PRI provides independent, third-party testing, inspection, certification, and other technical services to the Asphalt/Bitumen, Building Materials, Chemical, Construction/Infrastructure, and Energy Markets.


Founded in the U.S., PRI traces its roots to the time period of the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) initiative and m88 casino review “Superpave.” PRI Asphalt Technologies Inc. was established in 1990 with a vision to provide third-party testing for the rapidly changing asphalt/bitumen market. At inception, PRI was termed to connote Paving, Roofing, and Industrial, the three dominant end use marketplaces for asphalt/bitumen material.


Today, PRI encompasses several, separate legal entities providing services to numerous markets. Our shared mission is reflected in the PRI slogan: Testing. Knowledge. Solutions. Our history is materials Testing; our testing substantiates our Knowledge; our focus is to provide services and Solutions to our clients. Please review our Markets m88 casino pages, Services pages, or Our m88 online live casino|Free Bonus_Copyright to learn how PRI may provide service to your organization.


Information contained within the www.pri-group.com website represents an amalgamation of markets served and services provided. Inquiries into the website will be routed to the appropriate representative.




The PRI team consists of over 50+ Scientists (BS, MS, & PhD's), Engineers (EIT's & PE's), and Technicians with experience and expertise. Our people and our facilities are our strength.


Our technicians are trained in over 1,000 normative standards, including ASTM, AASHTO, ISO, and governmental test methods. Where applicable, m88 casino our technicians maintain appropriate professional certifications. And, PRI routinely participates in numerous agency, association, and/or company administered round robin and proficiency sample evaluation programs to assure test results are maintained at the highest level.




At PRI we recognize that different clients have different needs. Our ability to provide total solutions sets us apart from the competition. The combination of our experience, expert staff, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, and industry knowledge makes PRI the “right” choice.